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Welcome to Resolve Marine Group's OPA-90 Tank Vessel Response Plan (TVRP) program. The up-to-date information contained here describes how the RESOLVE organization, through dedicated subsidiary company Resolve Salvage & Fire (Americas), Inc., enables tank vessel owner/operators to comply with the salvage, marine firefighting and lightering requirements in United States waters. We invite you to cite Resolve Salvage & Fire (Americas), Inc. in your TVRP as your primary resource provider for the response service planning requirements described in 33CFR155.4030. RESOLVE can be depended upon to promptly deliver those services when called.

RESOLVE coverage is based on cascading resources from a network of salvage bases including RESOLVE and our network contractors' facilities in the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Our equipment includes portable pump systems for offloading the largest cargo tanks in 24 hours and external firefighting systems sized to deliver the proscribed quantities of extinguishing materials. RESOLVE salvage professionals including salvage masters, engineers and dive teams are on-call around the clock to initiate casualty assessment and salvage planning when a TVRP is activated.

The RESOLVE Funding Agreement is USCG approved and recognized by the International Group of P&I Clubs. The Resolve Marine Tank Vessel Response Plan (TVRP) Citation and Funding Agreement can be accessed via this page through an owner/operator's Qualified Individual/ Spill Manager.

The RESOLVE agreement supports the USCG concern that a casualty response not be delayed by contract negotiations while it acknowledges the traditional protections available to ship owners, charterers, cargo owners and their underwriters in settlement of a marine response claim. RESOLVE understands how essential it is that the new OPA-90 required funding agreements not alter fundamental relationships that have proven their value not only to marine insurance and charter party interests, but also in protecting public and third party interests. Our concept is designed to preserve those rights, historically the foundation of timely and effective emergency responses, while rationally distributing financial responsibilities.

RESOLVE meets all 15 Coast Guard requirements for OPA 90 coverage

  1. Resource provider is currently working in the response service needed

    Resolve Marine Group (RESOLVE), founded in 1980 specifically to engage in marine salvage, has a continuous history of providing marine casualty response services including ship salvage, emergency lightering, marine fire fighting, underwater cargo recovery, and wreck removal.

    Since September 1, 2009, RESOLVE technicians have responded throughout the USA and around the world to conduct a wide variety of salvage and marine firefighting responses, including:

    • Deep water search and recovery (Florida, USA)
    • Emergency cargo control and on-board transfer (New York City, USA)
    • Emergency crude oil cargo lightering and fire prevention (Texas, USA)
    • Harbor clearance with heavy lifting (Haiti)
    • Emergency towage (Bahamas)
    • Sub-surface oil removal (Texas USA, India)
    • Refloating stranded vessels (Hawaii USA, Texas USA, Jamaica, Chile)
    • Firefighting (Gulf of Mexico)
    • Oil spill control (Singapore & Gulf of Mexico)

    RESOLVE salvage masters and naval engineers have also performed numerous casualty surveys and engineering analyses in the course of that work and in offering services around the world during that period.

  2. Resource provider has documentation of participation in successful salvage and/or marine firefighting operations, including equipment deployment

    RESOLVE's response record includes the full range of services described in the salvage and marine firefighting requirements, and documents the deployment of the company's considerable inventory of specialized response equipment including dedicated salvage and heavy lift vessels and portable cargo pumping systems.

    RESOLVE has worked directly for many vessel owners, hull underwriters, P&I clubs, the US Navy, the US Coast Guard, and government agencies in the USA and abroad. Our work has been featured in industry publications such as Fairplay, International Ship Manager, Maritime Executive, Professional Mariner, Marine Log, TradeWinds, and Lloyd's List.

    The projects RESOLVE has completed for US Coast Guard under our long standing Basic Ordering Agreements (BOA) have been the subject of published reports and summaries.

    Click here to view our recent job history

  3. Resource provider owns or has contracts for equipment needed to perform response services

    RESOLVE owns dedicated salvage vessels and operates response equipment in Florida and Alabama and also has equipment located at network company facilities in Texas, California, Illinois, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii and Pennsylvania.

    The company is a regular customer of major US tug companies on the Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific coasts including Hawaii and Alaska. RESOLVE has agreements with specialist companies for equipment support, such as pumping, diving and underwater survey systems, in those cases when our own equipment is not locally available or suited to a particular task. These arrangements are described in written agreements.

    It is also important to note that RESOLVE has written contracts with several salvage professionals around the USA and National Response Corporation that guarantee timely representation at a casualty and our ability to sustain local logistical support.

  4. Resource provider has personnel with documented training certification and degree experience

    RESOLVE staff emergency response personnel include licensed masters and ship's engineers, degreed naval architects and certificated fire science professionals, former USCG and US Navy salvage officers, a former Lloyd's Special Casualty Representative for SCOPIC, experienced salvage divers, environmental experts and a complete roster of certified technicians, all of whom have worked in a spectrum of marine salvage operations.

    The resumes of all RESOLVE management personnel, salvage masters, field supervisors and key specialist salvage and marine firefighting personnel are available either on the company website or upon request.

  5. Resource provider has 24-hour availability of personnel and equipment and a history of response times compatible with the time requirements in the regulations

    RESOLVE's main office phone (+1 954 764 8700) is answered 24 hours a day, every day of the year, and all physical resources are warehoused in "ready to go" configurations.

    The project work described in paragraph 1 above was all mobilized in timeframes reflective of those set out in Table 155.4030(b) of the Salvage and Marine Firefighting requirements.

    We are proud to call your attention to page 80634 in the preamble to the Salvage and Marine Firefighting Requirements (Federal Register / Vol. 73, No. 251) where USCG specifically sites the positive example of the effective planning and timely actions demonstrated in RESOLVE's response to a stranded fully laden tanker blocking New York harbor in 2007. In that exercise, a RESOLVE salvage master was on board in less than three hours and contracted local tugs were alongside in less than six.

  6. Resource provider has an on-going continuous training program. For marine firefighters, show equivalent training, or demonstrate qualification through experience

    In addition to on-the-job training, RESOLVE's array of specialized equipment and proprietary training facilities serve our salvage and marine firefighting teams. Our marine firefighters serve as faculty to provide training regularly to US Coast Guard and industry response teams at our wholly owned fire fighting facility several times each year.

    All RESOLVE response systems are maintained by the same technicians who also design and build any proprietary modifications, and deploy and operate the equipment in the course of field work.

  7. Resource provider has a successful record of participation in drills and exercises

    For the last ten years, RESOLVE has been cited in approximately 40% of all OPA 90 vessel response plans on file with USCG. As part of our associated commitment to client plan holders, RESOLVE personnel regularly participate in training seminars, table top drills and field exercises sponsored by client ship owners and US-based Qualified Individuals, and we annually support (by direct participation, observation or control) USCG and industry-lead exercises.

    In responding to the aftermaths of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and of the Deepwater Horizon blow-out, RESOLVE participated in (and can claim training credit for) responses in Spills of National Significance. Our response coordinators and salvage masters have extensive experience working within the Incident Command System (ICS) and directing operations to comply with Captain of the Port orders and FOSC directives.

  8. Resource provider has salvage or marine firefighting plans used and approved during real incidents

    RESOLVE has a file of representative FOSC-approved operations plans detailing numerous salvage and marine firefighting projects in which we have been engaged since the implementation of OPA 90. In every case where a Unified Command is seated, RESOLVE is mandated to produce an operations plan for FOSC review and approval. Though often confidential, some examples of FOSC-approved operations plans and their associated modifications can be discussed.

  9. Resource provider has membership in relevant national or international organizations

    A founding member of the American Salvage Association, RESOLVE is also a member of Intertanko, the International Salvage Union, Association of Diving Contractors, International Spill Control Association, and North American Marine Environmental Protection Association. RESOLVE's firefighting training is approved by Det Norske Veritas.

  10. Resource provider has insurance that covers the salvage and/or marine firefighting services which they intend to provide

    Working with Marsh, the largest insurance broker in the world, RESOLVE constantly reviews its complete suite of insurance coverages placed in New York and London markets and written for work in the heavy salvage and marine firefighting business.

    A copy of RESOLVE's insurance certificate may be requested.

  11. Resource provider has sufficient up front capital to support an operation

    Although the new requirements do not quantify "sufficient up front capital", RESOLVE can point to projects conducted in the course of 30 years of marine emergency response. We feel that work has demonstrated our ability to undertake high cost operations requiring significant capital outlays to mobilize and to sustain large scale casualty response efforts across the United States and around the world.

  12. Resource provider has equipment and experience to work in the specific geographic environments that the vessel operates in

    In performing operations in coastal waters from the equator to much higher latitudes, RESOLVE's has developed an equipment inventory and support network for delivering services in any climate and condition. In the last two years alone, RESOLVE completed projects from New York Harbor (in winter) to Hawaii, India and South America.

    RESOLVE's salvage and marine firefighting equipment suite is suitable for work in any of the Captain of the Port zones in CONUS or OCONUS, nearshore or offshore.

  13. Resource provider has the logistical and transportation support capability required to sustain operations for extended periods of time in arduous sea states and conditions

    RESOLVE's well-documented history includes salvage and diving operations offshore in winter conditions and marine firefighting at great distances from our home base and satellite support facility locations.

    While logistical problems tend to more acute in the short term, mobilization phase of an operation, RESOLVE has also sustained operational progress for months at a time in remote locations.

    RESOLVE logistical support involves commercial and administrative teams on site and in our offices using the latest communications and accounting systems. We recognize that it is in our own and our client's best interest that contract operations' reporting, documentation are complete and current at all times.

  14. Resource provider has the capability to implement the necessary engineering, administrative, and personal protective equipment controls to safeguard the health safety of their workers when providing salvage and marine firefighting services

    The safety of our crews and protection of the environment are the paramount factors in RESOLVE's planning and project management. Our engineering and logistics teams focus on the development and maintenance of the safest working plans possible.

    RESOLVE's engineering staff boasts credentialed naval architects and fire science professionals conversant in the software packages used by the US Coast Guard Salvage Engineering Response Teams (SERT), US Navy Supervisor of Salvage and major classification societies. Additionally, RESOLVE maintains support agreements and works regularly with prominent naval architecture and marine engineering firms around the world.

    The Resolve Maritime Academy provides safety and firefighting training for our own staff and to the crews of major cruise line operators.

  15. Resource provider has familiarity with the salvage and marine firefighting protocol contained in the local ACP's (area contingency plan) for each COTP (Captain of the Port) area for which they are contracted

    As part of our effort to train with USCG and industry response teams, RESOLVE regularly participates in Area Planning Committee meetings around the USA by actively providing planning, resource management and training support. RESOLVE is working with several public firefighting agencies and industry cooperatives to develop functional relationships for coordination of combined response services to address major ship casualties.

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