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24 HR EMERGENCY RESPONSE +1.954.764.8700
24 HR EMERGENCY RESPONSE +1.954.764.8700


Resolve serves the global maritime and offshore industries, the US Navy, US Coast Guard and US Maritime Administration, international governments, and numerous other agencies and organizations, providing a wide range of marine services.

Heavy Lift, Harbour Clearance & Offshore

Our floating assets and heavy lift cranes support large operations such as raising sunken vessels, infrastructure and other obstructions in ports, shipping channels and water bodies. Our offshore capabilities include platform salvage, transport, maintenance and repair, and decommissioning support; pipeline or marine terminal infrastructure installation, maintenance or removal, and "rigs to reef" operations.


Whether deploying our own tugs or those in our global network of towing assets, RESOLVE can quickly engage tugs of any size or configuration for any towage scenario. Our salvage masters apply their skill and experience to address the client's needs while avoiding further damage to the casualty and mitigating any threat to the environment.

Diving and Underwater Surveys

In support of salvage, wreck removal and other operations, RESOLVE dive teams perform surveys, search & recovery, voyage repairs and other response-specific services in addition to underwater cutting operations.

Vessel Stability Modeling, Analysis & Emergency Consultation

RESOLVE provides rapid damage analysis and response services in the event of a casualty. We can maintain client's detailed electronic models of vessels to expedite response should a casualty occur. Upon notification, our engineers will analyze the damage and recommend appropriate action to protect both the vessel and the environment.

Vessel Remediation, Wreck Disposition and Artificial Reefing

Most marine operations present potential threats to the marine environment. Our salvage masters and emergency response professionals are trained in hazardous materials containment and removal. Whether we are salvaging, scrapping or reefing a vessel, protection of marine ecosystems is the priority.

Coastal Erosion Control and Recovery

RESOLVE Coastal Recovery, the coastal erosion and environmental remediation division of RESOLVE applies a patended technology and methodology for lasting solutions to coastal erosion. RESOLVE coastal recovery partners with private and public sector clients to design science-based mitigation programs for affected beaches and coastal areas.